Specifications :

Display: HD, 0.71 inch
Main Chip: nRF51822
Blood Pressure Monitoring: 90 % of user deviation can be controlled within +-12
Bluetooth: 4.0BLE (Low power consumption)
Sync: Android & iOS
Waterproof: lP67 (Customized waterproof level according to the shell material)
size: 12.45x20.85 mm
Battery: Polymer lithium battery
Battery capacitance: 140 mAh
Use time: 30 days. Only steps and APP can be used about 60 days
Standby time: 100 days
Charging type: USB charging
Bracelet size: Overall length 240MM, adjustable length 164-216MM


Heart Rate Monitoring:  

PAH8001, Low power consumption, high precision, dynamic and static heart rate.
Support for skin testing in countries other than africa.


Product Features: 

Blood Pressure Monitoring, Heart Rate Monitoring, Activity Tracking, Automatically Recognization,
Calories, Distance, Stopwatch, Auto Sleep Tracking, Call reminder, Message read on Screen,
ALarm clock, Remind to Move, OTA Air upgrade.